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The EcoREAL Story:

Summer and Pamela Gorder’s passion to drive positive change in the design and building industry resulted in the founding of EcoREAL, LLC in 2009. This passion was ignited by Summer’s dad, Buzz Gorder,  who designed and built, with silos as domes, anodized aluminum exterior, and a water source heat pump (that utilizes the Willamette River), her childhood home;  a house boat.

After gaining seven years of professional expertise as a certified architect with a large design firm in Seattle, Summer knew she was ready to take on the challenge and opportunity of starting EcoREAL.  Its mission:  to create tools and education that makes Green Building an affordable and socially equitable concept

EcoReal’s customized solutions simplify complex Green Building standards by integrating them as a seamless part of the process, thereby reducing, if not eliminating costly and burdensome administrative processes.   By doing so, EcoReal has inspired a paradigm shift that has enabled breweries, plastic manufacturing companies, non-profits, schools, and public agencies to exceed sustainability and social equity goals.

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