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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I become a member of Talentwell?

Certified Member Firms will have the ability to track RFPs/RFQs opportunities from various sources, promote their portfolio of projects to government entities and prime firms, and utilize the Talentwell platform as a resource for networking and educational opportunities. Talentwell will also be a one-stop shop for projects and ultimately the main source accessed in order to find qualified, experienced architecture, engineering, and professional technical talent for Prime Member Firms committed to meeting and exceeding their business equity sub-contracting/consulting objectives. And as important, Talentwell is an excellent professional medium for initiating the formation of new partnerships.

  • Project leaders will find Talentwell an invaluable resource to expand the pool and capacity of certified firms, improve Disadvantaged, Minority, or Women-owned Business Enterprise (DMWBE) participation, and reach equity goals.
  • For larger firms seeking diverse talent, Talentwell certified members are pre-screened, qualified, and motivated, offering an efficient and effective way to scale up and fulfill your project equity goals as you build your team with consultants/contractors that add innovation and fresh solutions.
  • Certified firms can provide background on their experience, specialized skills, recommendations and affiliations, and can use Talentwell to explore collaborations and find businesses to team with on projects.
  • Project owners and lead consultants can post an opportunity and search the site for appropriate service providers (or team members).


What are the criteria for membership?*

  • Current certification as a DMWBE (by the State of Oregon or a federally approved Unified Certification Program or DBE Program) specializing in architectural, engineering, technical services, or construction-related services
  • Government agency or organization
  • Project owners
  • Lead consultants/larger firms

*Be advised that all membership requests are contingent upon approval by PDC.


Will Certified firms THAT are not architects, engineers or technical service providers be eligible for Talentwell membership?

Not at this time. A disparity study completed in 2011 demonstrated a stark under-representation of DMWBE firm participation on PDC-sponsored projects in the fields of architecture, engineering and professional technical and related services.  Talentwell is made to address this gap.  Although only certified firms who are architects, engineers or professional technical and related service providers are eligible for Talentwell membership at this time, PDC anticipates expanding membership in Talentwell to certified construction and construction-related business in the near future.


Are ESB certified architects, engineers or technical service providers eligible for Talentwell membership?

ESB certified architects, engineers or technical service providers are eligible for project owner/lead consultant membership.  This membership category offers the ability to post DMWBE opportunities and the capability to view firm profiles.


What is the membership approval process for Certified firms?

PDC confirms that an applicant is currently certified as a Disadvantaged, Minority and/or Women-owned Business Enterprise operating as a provider of architectural, engineering or professional technical and related services.  Validation is made through the State of Oregon’s Office of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business (OMWESB).  For businesses certified outside of the jurisdiction of Oregon but licensed to do business in Oregon, validation is made through said applicant’s official home state or federal agency [e.g., Department of Transportation’s Disadvantaged Business Enterprise {DBE} program; the Small Business Administration’s {SBA}8(a) certification program] certification authority, including federally approved Unified Certification Programs (UCPs).  

Certified applicants will receive an automatic email response once the membership registration request is submitted, and an email notification upon determination of membership.


What are the membership approval processes for government agencies and organizations, project owners, and lead consultants?

Government agencies and organizations: Applicants will be asked to agree to post appropriate opportunities on the Talentwell website and to promote the portal to their external partners. * PDC will review the membership registration and notify applicants, via email, of their membership status.

Project owners and lead consultants/larger firms: Applicants will be asked to agree to use the site exclusively for providing business opportunities to, and building partnerships with, certified members. * PDC will review the membership registration and notify applicants, via email, of their membership status.

*Be advised that by providing account information during the registration process, you are agreeing to these Terms of Service.


How long does the membership approval process take?

Processing memberships for certified applicants will take 1-2 business days.

Government agencies and organizations, project owners and lead consultants/larger firms will be contacted by PDC upon completion of membership registration (within1-2 business days).  Review of the agreement document and the determination process will take approximately 3-5 business days.


Once approved, how long do I have to complete my business profile?

Members are requested to complete their profiles as soon as feasible after being approved for membership.  Member profiles that remain blank or incomplete will be deleted 10 business days after approval of membership; and the membership will be moved to an inactive status.  Upon completion of the profile, the membership will be reactivated.


Does the membership expire?

Yes, memberships expire on the one-year anniversary after approval.


How do I renew my membership?

Talentwell will automatically notify members of their pending expiration, and prompt them to address any irregularities.  Once membership status is reviewed and memberships are renewed or declined, members will receive email notifications.


Who owns Talentwell?

Talentwell is owned by the Portland Development Commission (PDC).


How is Talentwell funded?

Talentwell is funded by resources earmarked for business equity initiatives and incentives.


Who manages the Talentwell site?

PDC’s Business and Workforce Equity team manages the Talentwell site.


Is there a fee for membership?

Talentwell does not have a membership fee at this time.