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EcoReal is an innovation partner. We facilitate a process that brings out the best in your people and property. Our mission is rooted in the belief that sustainability and equity are interconnected. Our unique Green Building Integrative Management (GBIM) collaboration tools enable diverse teams to enhance sustainability goals. This shared value for an integrated approach led to a strong partnership with Day CPM, the owner’s representative team for the Portland Building Reconstruction project. The fifteen-story office building designed by Michael Graves houses approximately 1,300 City of Portland staff.  The Portland Building Reconstruction project is a perfect example of looking at an existing building holistically, to not only improve the building’s performance, but also to enhance the experience of its occupants. 

We don't think of a building as being separate from the human experience, but as an extension of the people it serves; with the HVAC system connected to our lungs, and an Energy Management System as the brain of the building; it can monitor our behavior to make a smarter building. Consequently, ecoReal is guiding the team to achieve the required LEED Gold certification, and has also registered the project for Well Building to provide evidence-based guidelines for integrating health and wellness features. This option emerged from our ability to turn challenges into opportunities. We look at problems through a “triple-bottom-line” lens that benefits natural, human and fiscal resources. A building’s certification is a byproduct of that process, not a result of “point chasing.”

EcoREAL’s “GBIM” tools provide cross-disciplinary communications that unveil synergies, saving time and money, while optimizing sustainability goals. EcoReal is working with Multnomah County in a similar way for both the Multnomah County Courthouse Project (through a partnership with SRG), and the new Health Department Headquarters (with ZGF).  These are both great examples of larger A&E firms working with small DMWESB firms to use the specialized strengths of each team member.

Those partnerships exemplify the principle behind the Talentwell collaboration site. Born from a Disparity Study by PDC and five years of work with Sam Brook’s OAME team, Talentwell came from EcoReal's practice of not just identifying problems, but creating solutions. Talentwell is a tool that strives to equalize the playing field for DMWESB firms in the A&E industry.  EcoReal’s innovative sustainable solutions take a “teach a man to fish” approach, and are beginning to provide a consolidated and convenient place to hunt for talent.

Look at ecoREAL's profile and portoflio of work HERE.

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