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Herb Yamamoto

CADD Connection LLC, and its BIM/VDC division, BIM Connection, have a 30 year history working with 1000+ clients including facility owners and developers as well as general contractors, MEP sub-contractors, engineers, and others in the AEC community.

Our Oregon State certified firm has become known for its leading edge services in 3D CADD, BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design & Construction).

Our teams have a passion for CAD because we believe accurate drawings and 3D models play a vital part in the success of a project. Further, we believe that at the end of the day, the customer must be happy. To stay on the leading edge, our firm engages “R&D” projects to implement new technologies that support CADD & BIM processes.

We are headquartered in Albany, OR with satellite offices in Portland, Oregon, and Austin, Texas. We are also Oregon Certified as DBE, MBE and ESB #4300.

Areas of Expertise:

  • BIM & VDC
  • IPD, D-B (Design-Build) & D-A (Design-Assist)
  • Scan-to-BIM (Laser Scanning)


Laser Scan, MEP Modeling/Coordination and 3D Print

Laser Scan, MEP Modeling/Coordination and 3D Print
  • Type CADD/BIM
  • Role Scan/BIM/3D
  • Client Facility in Oregon

CADD Connection was contracted as part of a $30m renovation at a major Oregon facility. We were contracted directly by the Owner to provide “Scan to BIM to 3D Print” services; that is, 3D scanning, MEP modeling & coordination and 3D printed model. A key goal was to validate the constructability of the design and eliminate costly field issues.

We developed a 3D model in collaboration with the engineers & contractors per a Design-Build process.

In the end, our process maximized the value of the design documents and eliminated significant field issues and change orders, reducing cost for the Owner. The project’s schedule and goals were met.

Our specific deliverables were:

  • Laser scan to capture accurate existing conditions
  • 3D model of existing structure & equipment
  • 3D model of new MEP systems
  • Construction drawings for fabrication
  • 3D printed model

3D Fluid Flow Analysis of Process Water Distribution System

3D Fluid Flow Analysis of Process Water Distribution System
  • Type CADD/BIM
  • Role 3D Modeling
  • Client Facility in Oregon

CADD Connection created a 3D piping model for a complex process water distribution system that serviced a major facility in Oregon.

The goal was to increase water head pressure at a specific holding tank, and reduce the time required to fill a tank, critical to a process. In turn, increased throughput and profitability for the Owner.

After creating a 3D piping model, we developed a custom workflow and performed fluid flow analysis using a leading edge analytical tool. Recommendations for increasing head pressure and flow rate by to 50%, were made to Owner. The remedies included re-routing select pipe, increasing select pipe diameters and eliminating dead branch lines. The project was deemed a success.

Fig. 1. P&ID for City Water Distribution System.
Fig. 2. Water flow analysis results for a given scenario