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Stephanie Ghoston

Stephanie Ghoston from Cultivated Sense, LLC is a business consultant and personal coach who believes in the words of Nelson Mandela that “Education can be used to change the world.” She enjoys working with leaders and individuals in the A/E industry to help guide and refine their professional and personal lives providing educational tools to encourage, empower and manage their day-to-day and any transitions in between.

Her real joy is seeing her clients navigate a meaningful life to reach their goals and dreams.

Cultivated Sense, LLC is registered as a certified firm in the State of Oregon, MWESB #10491.

Specialties include:

  • Executive Group & Small Business Coaching
  • Personal Coaching
  • Diversity Facilitation, Retention & Leadership Traning
  • Event  & Workshop Speaker

"Stephanie Ghoston is utterly passionate about her work! She speaks with humor and clarity, which allows her audience to deeply connect with her message. Stephanie offers exceptional tools they can use to immediately make changes with their habits and life. I enjoyed her work tremendously and look forward to the opportunity to see her speak again." - Donna McArthur"


Center for Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Center for Equity and Inclusion Consultant
  • Type Consultant
  • Role Training Facilitator & Business Coach
  • Client Center for Equity and Inclusion (CEI)

CEI is an organization in Portland Oregon, committed to building equitable and inclusive communities.

Stephanie works with CEI as a Training Facilitator & Coach on an on-need basis as well as arranges and launches curriculum for various client organizations. Her goal is to assist CEI with advancing racial equity within institutions and business communities.


Workshop: How to Activate your Extraordinary?

Workshop: How to Activate your Extraordinary?
  • Type Consultant
  • Role Workshop Speaker
  • Client Ascension Well Body & Fitness

Ascension Well Body & Fitness (AWB&F) conducts a weekly educational series for their members called “Well Body Wednesdays.” To get the new year off to a good start, AWB&F asked Stephanie to present her motivational workshop “Activate Your Extraordinary."

This workshop prepares members mentally to regain the magic within themselves with simple key takeaways:

  • Identify your values and goals;
  • Understand your mindset to harness the power of thought; and
  • Develop a system of accountability to stay focused.

Washington University Law School Intercession Program

Washington University Law School Intercession Program
  • Type Consultant
  • Role Diversity Facilitator
  • Client Washington University Law School

In 2012, Stephanie had the honor of leading an intercession program for 100+ first year law students covering the topic of diversity and inclusion. As the facilitator, she focused on a peer-facilitation model using a structured outline for the small group discussions. The Program topics and content intended to prompt students to think about the law as something that is not neutral but instead something that actively participates in and is a product of constructions of identity, privilege, and oppression.

Additional goals were to help students think more about their own identities and the institutions with which they interact, and encourage them to engage with these issues in a more meaningful way.