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Debra Wilde

Debra Wilde IACC is a color strategist, interior designer, and internationally recognized IACC-certified color expert. With over 20 years of experience, she designs for residential, multi-family, offices, educational, healthcare, and hospitality projects. "Our studio believes that the effective use of color can be life-changing--along with placement, lighting, and natural elements--all aspects of interior design are considered for a holistic and individual expression."
Whether creating a skyscraper, office, home design, signage, new product, or brochure,
effective application of color can the difference between an ordinary result or an exceptional result that communicates its precise intent. To ensure your money is wisely invested, work with a certified color professional. It's likely that your building project, product design, or graphic communication will benefit from a color consultant's expertise. Sensible design that understands the ultimate goals, can be expressly solved by the integration of art and science. Can color make you more productive? Can design make you happier? The art and science of color are key.
Debra Wilde presents her new book: The Core Color Plan: How to Use Color with Intention for Great Well-Being and Productivity. This book is an integral tool for sustainable, humanistic design. It can be used with anything you intend to create at www.debrawildedesign.com. For professional consultations and workshop information, call 503-224-5760, info@debrawildedesign.com.