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ecoREAL is an innovative sustainable solutions group with unparalleled experience guiding both public and private sector projects including municipal, healthcare, hospitality, commercial office, industrial and breweries toward meeting their Sustainable and Equity goals. Our green building design and construction expertise is vast, including LEED v4 New Construction, Operations & Maintenance, International LEED Neighborhood Development experience, Net Zero, Architecture 2030 Challenge projects, one of our first-ever Living Buildings the June Key Delta House. We were also a part of the first Well Building accredited professionals to be trained at the Cleveland Clinic. Our close working relationship with the Energy Trust of Oregon helps us find strategies to make ambitions Sustainability Goals cost-effective. We are working on several project pursuing their Path to Net Zero program inspired by the Architecture 2030 goals, which provides additional funding for our team to facilitate eco-charrettes, energy analysis, day-lighting, CFD and commissioning incentives to make your building and people operate at their optimal level.

Our founding principal, Summer Gorder, is passionate about making sustainability and equity synergistic goals. Growing up on the Willamette River in a house-boat enclosed with corrugated aluminum with reclaimed grain silos as domes designed by her father, and dealing with CSO in her "river yard" instilled the drive to create a built environment that is in harmony with our natural environment. Although she is driven by passion, she became an expert at the business case to make that dream a reality in the building sector. She started ecoREAL after the large architecture firm she worked for in Portland and Seattle, went under in 2008 from struggles in the building market. For that firm, she worked nationally, and internationally with clients, such as the Sheik of Dubai, to integrate sustainability on large scale district projects. The realty starting a new business at that time was limited buildings, and budgets with tough competition to do it quicker and cheaper. This struggled manifested tremendous innovation with a fresh perspective from the boots on the ground working and living on Federal Land Port of Entry project. By working hand on with the General Contractor and sub-contractors, she was able to build tools to bridge the gap between the owner's vision, architect's Green Specifications, and the contractors to ensure Sustainability goals were implemented in the most streamlined way to reduce cost premiums, time, and ultimately the LEED headache. Those tools have now evolved into her Green Building Integrative Management software and Lean LEED CM tools being utilized on Multnomah County municipal projects, Portland Public School major renovation, PDX, and U of O, in additional to a variety of private sector projects.

ecoREAL's unique talent and tools make sustainability, equity and wellness not just a goal, but the foundation that the project is built from starting in pre-design through the life of the building.

1.)  Sustainable/ LEED/ Net-Zero & Architecture 2030 / Living/ Well Building Consulting

ecoREAL facilitates the full spectrum of Green Building services from pre-design planning through post-occupancy operations. Starting with an eco-charrette with all applicable design and construction disciplines to discuss owner’s goals, project opportunities and challenges, and strategies to optimize those opportunities and overcome challenges to attain goals. A triple-bottom line assessment is formulated from the feedback from the team to assess the environmental, economic, and human impacts of each sustainable design strategy over the life of the buildings. Based on the owner’s project requirements, ecoREAL’s Green Building Integrative Management tools and software is then customized to assign roles and responsibilities and ensure the Green Building goals are considered throughout the design and construction process.

2.) ecoREAL's Green Buiding Integrative Management “GBIM” software and Lean LEED CM tracking software

ecoREAL creates solutions to challenges in the Building Industry to make Sustainability and Equity goals attainable and affordable for any project and team. Our "GBIM" Green Building Integrative Management software and tools streamlines the LEED documentation process, and breaks down roles and responsibilities into simple terms to facilitate successful MWESB participation. The Lean LEED Pre-bid tool-kit makes sure you get the right information the first time from the subs to match the specs, and the progress report ensures the owner goals are being met in real-time to avoid finding out too late. The savings from reduced LEED related premiums from subs, RFI's and change orders can cut costs by over 90% the typical project.

  • ecoREAL takes an innovative approach to problem solving to Sustainability and Equity. From our community

3.) Education, LEED AP Training, and Webinars

Summer Gorder has been an instructor in the Green Building Industry for the last decade. She has created her own curriculum, exercises and crammer guides that have helped hundreds of professionals get their LEED accreditation. The workshops are unique, because they relate to real world applications. The hurdles and opportunities of sustainable strategies are assessed with case studies. From her hands on experience working with all disciplines from the owner and architect to the boots on ground, she presents the full picture of the industry from multiple perspectives. Her ability to simplify complex codes and guidelines into easy to understand practical applications has made her education in demand locally and internationally. Since her education is now compiled onto webinars online, she has partnered with other companies that deliver education to reach a broader audience. This global outreach will include a presentation at GreenBuild Mediterranean Conference.

Collaborative Partners:

  • Summer is a Green Building Research Institute certified instructor
  • LERN is our webinar distribution partner for LEED & Green Building training
  • Living Building Ambassador trainer
  • Collaborative Partnership with Lois Coen and Associates

4.) Master-planning, Sustainable Design, Energy Analysis and Interior Design/Build

The team includes architectural design backgrounds to provide master-planning, schematic design, and design development to coordinate full permit sets for construction with collaborative partners, such as Convergence Architects. Additional associated engineering partners include Hodaie Engineering to provide Energy Analysis, Energy Models, Daylight Studies, and Supplemental Sustainable Design Analysis services to expand our scope and capacity.

Collaborative Partners:

  • Energy Trust of Oregon
  • Hodaie Engineering: AC Marriott Energy Modeling and State OED Mechanical Design
  • Convergence Architects: State OED License Architects, Union Station Annex Building and possible Retail Partners
  • Gorder Design, LLC: Hand Eye Supply Retail shop collaboration, and new Beaverton Hillsdale Retail development master-plan in partnership with LEEKA Architects, and Emerio Design

5.) Community Involvement and Advocacy: AIA Portland Board, Cascadia, OAME, Innovation Partnership - Well Building for All Project

ecoREAL has been embedded in Sustainability and Equity, since the beginning. As co-chairs we founded the Sustainability and Equity Committee for the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs (OAME), and located our offices in the OAME headquarters as part of their incubator. As we grew, we moved into the Eco-trust building to co-habitat with ILFI/ Cascadia Green Building Council, and were active in many Green Building advocacy groups.

Summer got back to her roots in architecture, and served on the AIA Portland Board of Directors as one of the only women-owned business. She went to Washington D.C. while serving on the board for the AIA Legislative Conference to advocate on a national scale.

The synergy of those two dynamics of community involvement for both Sustainability and Equity let to ecoREAL's principals, Pamela and Summer, serving on Portland Development Commissioning's Disparity Study Committee, which illuminated the gap between able Women-owned firms in the A/E and Professional Technical fields and opportunities on PDC projects. The result was the Pilot program that intended to bridge the gap of Minority, Women and Emerging Small Business in the Architecture, Engineering and professional Technical Fields. We were striving to develop a new work model for how minority, women-owned and disadvantaged businesses can team, collaborate and share resources to build relationships with large A/E firms and public agency partners to connect to opportunities. As a result, ecoREAL designed and built the prototype for the online collaboration site that inspired Talent Well NW.

Well Building for All was a pilot project we developed that was adopted by Innovation Partnership, and Pamela acted as the Executive Director of the non-profit during the duration of the project. Consequently, Pamela and Summer were selected by the USGBC to speak at the International GreenBuild Mediterranean Conference in Verona, Italy. We spoke about the New Value Proposition for Well Building for All to improve the quality of our building’s indoor environment to enhance productivity, performance, health, and happiness to retain talent. ecoREAL is still dedicated to providing tools that guide healthy design, construction, and long term operations of the built environment by integrating Well Building features with cost-effective solutions. This is especially critical in underprivileged building types, including affordable housing, senior living and rural school districts, which encompass some of the most vulnerable sectors of society. Our mission is to make Well Buildings a right to thrive not just survive.


New Multnomah County Courthouse

New Multnomah County Courthouse
  • Type LEED Consultant
  • Role Sustainability/ LEED Project Administrator
  • Client SRG Architects
  • Square feet 450,000

ecoREAL is working in an integrated process with the owner, design and construction team to develop the most strategic path to meet Sustainability goals. The new Multnomah County Courthouse is striving to be a beacon to show case how a public service building can be a leader in optimizing utilizing both environmental and human resources.  The green building goals are rooted in LEED Gold certification, with Architecture 2030 Challenge carbon reduction synergies, and well building features to enhance both the building and people’s performance. Consequently, ecoREAL has been working with the Owner and Team to assess the preferred path to LEED Gold Certification with reach goals to LEED Platinum utilizing the version of the LEED Rating System that best aligns with the immediate and overarching long-term goals to create a cutting edge twenty-first century facility.

The team is utilizing ecoREAL’s Green Building Integrated Management “GBIM” tools, which integrate the sustainability requirements throughout the project phases. The GBIM software is an online cloud-based tracking platform that reports sustainable attributes of products, waste and systems on-site and in the building to produce reports in real-time. The result is transparency to negate green-washing, and quantify goals. The tools starting with a management matrix assess goals established by the team and stake-holders. Additionally, it streamlines meeting material resource and low-emitting material requirements, and avoids change orders by pre-qualifying products based on meeting the established healthy product criteria. The metrics are custom fit based on the performance goals from the eco-charrette and the process integrates with every phase of the project to ensure sustainability goals are tracked and verified. The reports can be for owners and the team exclusively, or tied into dashboards for public viewing. This can showcase the County’s civic pride and dedication to sustainability.

Portland Building - Major Renovation

Portland Building - Major Renovation
  • Type LEED Consultant
  • Role LEED Project Administrator & Owner's Sustainability Rep
  • Client City of Portland, in association with the Day CPM Owner's Rep team
  • Square feet 400000

The Portland Building is a Major Renovation of the City of Portland's Headquarters. the building's 15 stories will be transformed into a contemporary workspace while still retaining the post-modern iconic exterior designed by Michael Graves that put the project on the Historic Register. ecoREAL will be guiding the LEED certification process, and facilitate a holistic approach to meet the Architecture 2030 challenge utilizing the Energy Trust of Oregon's Path to Net Zero Program. The additional challenges of Historic Preservation, seismic upgrades, and water infiltration will be assessed through a triple bottom line lens to evaluate the environmental, economic and human impacts that will instill health, wellness and happiness in the new work spaces. This process starts with an "Eco-charrette" Early Design Meeting funded by Energy Trust's Path to Net Zero Program to evaluate opportunities, hurdles and synergies with the owner, architects, engineers, contractors, and facility staff, which will inform ecoREAL tools for ongoing green building integration and optimization.

ecoREAL LLC provides a system of tools and service that maximizes a project’s level of LEED certification, while streamlining the documentation and verification requirements.  This proposal outlines the utilization of our proprietary Green Building Integrated Management “GBIM” tools, which integrates the LEED requirements throughout the project phases. The result is improved quality control and team coordination.

ecoREAL’s services and tools go beyond traditional LEED Project Administration to manage the LEED process, including integration of LEED requirements with the Construction Management process. Our important quality assurance process saves substantial man-hours while greatly reducing the submittal of RFI’s and change orders from sub-contractors that may not completely understand their roles and responsibilities on sustainable projects.  The result is better budget control from accurate bidding, as well as back-up data from manufacturers necessary for LEED requirements. Additionally, our software (GBIM) provides real-time progress reports that relay projects status with regard to LEED Material & Resource and Environmental Quality credit targets.  Therefore, the architects gain assurance that the correct information is being gathered by the construction team; the GC can evaluate sub-contractor performance; and the owner has the peace of mind that there will not be any surprises at the end of the project that could jeopardize meeting the LEED mandates. It also helps set targets from the specs and track progress with an easy to understand dashboard display of results.

Union Station Redevelopment Plan

  • Type Urban Planning
  • Role Sustainable Master Planning
  • Client IBI Architects, in association with Convergence Architects

The Union Station has a proud legacy dating back to its conception in 1882 to be the largest station in the world.  The future planning of Union Station should strive for the same unique and extraordinary vision to make Portland a hub for innovation.  The Portland Development Commission’s We Build Green Cities Initiative aims to showcase Portland, OR as the pinnacle for Sustainable Design with Equity, and ecoREAL is striving to make Union Station a prime example. 

ecoREAL LLC provides a system of tools and services that maximizes a project’s performance with our Green Building Integrated Management “GBIM” tools, which integrate the sustainability requirements throughout the project phases. The process kick-starts with an eco-charrette that starts an ongoing triple bottom line assessment serves as a filter for decision making. ecoREAL start with an eco-charrette to assess opportunities and challenges of the various sustainability goals with the community, certification options, to determine a strategic path to reach sustainable goals. This information is then synthesized into our Sustainability Matrix that is unique to the project’s sustainability criteria within the context of a certification system if preferred (LEEDv3 or v4, Green Globes, Living, or Well Building Standard).

ecoREAL will also be presenting concepts from the new Well Building Standard. It is the first standard to prioritize the indoor environment for human health, vitality and overall well being. As the “healthiest” city to visit, this standard could be featured as “Stay Well” suites for the first class lounge or specialty offices. Visitors would see the difference the moment they entered the space. The long term occupants in the “Stay Well” suites would have quantifiable benefits from lighting that adjusts to circadian rhythms, vitamin C water, filtered air and coatings that kill bacteria that cause sicknesses through Well Lab technology.  

  • Provide comprehensive assessment of various certification options for a master-plan approach that benefit the building, occupants and wider community
  • Sustainability Assessment of existing Buildings, Annex and site
  • "Eco-charrette" Early Design Meeting facilitator and triple bottom line report
  • Sustainability Matrix to evaluate opportunities and hurdles for each various Green Building Ratings System, sustainable strategies, project considerations and team responsibilities.

New Mutlnomah County Health Department HQ

New Mutlnomah County Health Department HQ
  • Type LEED Consultant
  • Role Sustainability/ LEED Project Administrator
  • Client ZGF Architects
  • Square feet 125000

The project is a new facility to house specialty clinics, a pharmacy, and office space for the Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD) on the vacant, eastern half of Block U, adjacent to the newly opened Bud Clark Commons, and further described as Lots 1, 4, 5 and 8, Block U, City of Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon. The new facility will replace the McCoy building, located at 426 SW Stark Street in downtown Portland, as MCHD Headquarters. The project size has changed from six stories to a nine story building.

ecoREAL LLC provides a system of tools and service that maximizes a project’s level of LEED certification, while streamlining the documentation and verification requirements.  The project is seeking LEED Gold certification, and with our lean LEED tools will strive for Platinum. This proposal outlines the utilization of our proprietary Green Building Integrated Management “GBIM” tools, which integrates the LEED requirements throughout the project phases. The result is improved quality control and team coordination.

  • LEED Project Administration
  • Eco-charrette with 50 participants from the county, design, construction and facility teams with resulting report, tools and templates
  • Green Building Integrative Management across disciplines with ecoREAL’s GBIM tools
  • Sustainable Specification Assistance
  • Lean LEED Construction Management Support

Reynolds School District - Comprehensive Plan Existing Building Upgrades and New Schools

  • Type Consultant
  • Role Energy Analysis, LEED Consulting, SB 1149 and ETO Incentive Coordination
  • Client Reynolds School District, in association with Day CPM owner's reps

The project pertains to Reynolds School district new construction projects, and existing facilities to create a comprehensive implementation plan for capital improvements. The three new buildings currently in the scope, include a new middle school, and two elementary schools. ecoREAL will utilize our proprietary Green Building Integrative Management software and tools to track and verify sustainability goals. 

The three areas of focus for the existing buildings is to assess energy use for strategic planning, Energy Trust coordination in conjunction with allocated bond funds, and security vestibule upgrades. ecoREAL will be working with Day CPM, Energy Trust, the State of Oregon, and Reynolds School District to assess opportunities for upgrading their existing facilities. The role will coordinating effort between parties, and facilitating a strategic approach to utilizing funds for the district operations and maintenance programs, including:

  • Energy Trust coordination with SB 1149 funds
  • Energy Star Portfolio Manager benchmark with Utility Bills
  • Strategic Approach to energy savings cost-analysis
  • Sustainable Master-planning
  • Net Zero design assessment