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Lois Cohen

Lois D. Cohen Associates (LCA) is a full-service community engagement firm, based in Portland (DWESB #5432), that excels at creating compelling opportunities to engage people in projects that affect them. Throughout the city of Portland, and in over 40 communities across the state, LCA has helped clients - typically public agencies, architects, engineers, planners, and contractors, among others - gain public backing for their projects by designing and implementing outreach programs and tools that achieve an optimal level of public involvement. LCA offers the following services that are customizable for each project: Public Involvement, School-Based Outreach, MWESB Enrichment, and Occupant Engagement.


Large Scale Sewer Rehab Program

Large Scale Sewer Rehab Program
  • Type Consultant
  • Role Public Involvement
  • Client Bureau of Environmental Services, City of Portland

LCA coordinates public involvement efforts for city sewer construction projects in 12 neighborhoods, informing communities about the work, gathering public input, and addressing concerns.


Lois and her staff are key assets to the agency’s public involvement program. Their competence, creative excellence, political astuteness, knowledge of Portland neighborhoods, and short learning curve around complex and sensitive issues make them especially effective and efficient.”

    – Cheryl Kuck, City of Portland Environmental Services

Sellwood Bridge Replacement Project

Sellwood Bridge Replacement Project
  • Type Consultant
  • Role School-Based Outreach Consultant
  • Client T.Y. Lin International; Multnomah County

LCA’s school outreach program reached over 2000 students across Multnomah County through hands-on learning opportunities that fostered career awareness. LCA also led a DBE enrichment program that provided opportunities for subcontractors to gain new skills and to engage in mentoring relationships with primary firms.

The (school) program has exceeded everyone’s expectations. As a public official, I greatly appreciate the concern Lois and her staff have shown about strategic distribution of publicly funded resources, and I am impressed by the threads of civic responsibility and respect for public institutions that are woven through all their programs. The County has been delighted to sponsor her work.

-Deborah Kafoury, Chair, Multnomah County Commission