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Mary Vogel

  • 1220 SW 12th Ave. #709; Portland, OR 97205 AND
    2420 NE Sandy Boulevard, Portland, OR 97232
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PlanGreen is the planning and urban design consulting firm of its principal and sole proprietor Mary Vogel. It has an eight-year track record of helping community leaders solve complex challenges resulting in more resilient, efficient, and prosperous communities. Whether crafting standards, rating systems or public policy or collaborating with stakeholders and other professionals , Mary Vogel has influenced the move towards sustainable development characterized by walkable, skillfully designed neighborhoods and green infrastructure incorporating systems ranging from 'green streets' to urban habitat restoration, to more energy efficient buildings to cooler cities.

Our expertise includes:

  • Planning and Urban Design
  • Policy Development
  • Public Involvement

Mary Vogel is an accomplished communicator with articles in national magazines, a column in Sustainable Industries online and insightful analysis in other industry sponsored online forums. A recognized thought leader for the concepts of new urbanism and ecosystem services, she was one of the earliest Portland-based consultants to be accredited by the Chicago-based Congress for the New Urbanism.

Vogel honed her public involvement charrette skills on teams led by New Urbanist urban designer, Andres Duany, in several charrettes in the greater New Orleans area following Katrina. She also serves on the Land Use and Transportation Committee of the Portland Downtown Neighborhood Association where she has influenced the Climate Action Plan, the Central City 2035 Plan and now the Comprehensive Plan (in progress).