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Talentwell is a website owned and maintained by The Portland Development Commission. The information requested per the membership registration process is compiled in order to provide you with the maximum benefit and access to opportunities and/or partnerships; and to provide notifications by email. PLEASE REVIEW THIS POLICY CAREFULLY. By using any PDC website, you agree to the terms of this policy. If you do not agree to such terms, you may not use and must exit this web site.

By electronically consenting to this agreement, any government organization agrees that as a registered member in good standing*, it will post appropriate opportunities on the Talentwell website and promote the portal to its external partners. Further, any business/firm/partnership agrees that as a registered member in good standing*, it will use the Talentwell website exclusively for providing business opportunities to, and building partnerships with, certified members. PDC is a public agency. The information you may submit to PDC becomes a public record. PDC does not sell, rent or otherwise distribute public records to any outside company or organization. Public records are subject to the Oregon Public Records Law (ORS 192.410 - 192.505). The Oregon Public Records Law obligates PDC to disclose information only if a request for public records is made. The Oregon Public Records Law provides a number of exceptions for personal information so that PDC may continue to protect your information. In the unlikely case a court of law compels PDC to disclose your information you will be contacted by PDC beforehand and provided the opportunity to argue for continued protection of the information. PDC considers your personal information to be very important and sensitive. Consequently, PDC regularly refuses to disclose credit card, address, and other personal information under a statutory exception to the Public Records Law designed to help protect your information.


*Membership is contingent upon verification of this electronic consent.